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Pellion’s beyond Li-ion technology

Li-ion batteries are the limiting technology for the mobile revolution, unable to match the exponential improvements of Moore’s Law in microelectronics. Although sensors, data processing, and displays have improved beyond recognition, Li-ion technology has not fundamentally changed since the early 1990’s. Current Li-ion batteries struggle to support even the latest low power communications and minimal data-processing architectures.

Pellion’s beyond Li-ion technology is leading a revolution that will deliver a discontinuous improvement to the limits of today’s Li-ion batteries. We deliver over 50% more energy in the same package by increasing energy density to >1000 Wh/L thus enabling a step-change in functionality and performance for wearables and portables.

Pellion is not yet shipping in volume, but we are working with a handful of carefully selected partners as our early-adopter customers. If you have a compelling vision for the future of mobile technology, but are limited by your battery supplier, consider contacting us at

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