Pellion is the leader in next-generation battery technology.

Pellion is the leader in next-generation battery technology. With a proven energy density exceeding 1000 Wh/L, Pellion aims to enable the next generation of mobile technology and to make Li-ion obsolete.

Mobile technology has revolutionized the global economy, changed the nature of business and empowered individuals around the world. Improvements in mobile technology are positioned to make the next leap, through wearables, “cloud in your pocket”, and the internet of things. Today’s Li-ion batteries are the limiting technology to this revolution, unable to match the exponential improvements of Moore’s law in microprocessor tech and data processing.

Based in Cambridge, MA, Pellion was founded by MIT researchers and backed by top-tier venture capital, Fortune 500 strategic investors, and ARPA-E.

We want to change the world by disrupting a $15B global industry and enable a $200B customer base. We are seeking outstanding, talented individuals to join our team and make our vision a reality.

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